Running the 615

20. Running the 615 (Kyle Mcphee)

September 30, 2020

Kyle Mcphee has a love for life and those around him that is second to none. Since before I even started this podcast I have been excited to sit down and talk to him and get to know more about his life and where all of his joy comes from. Kyle was born and raised outside of Atlanta and he came to Nashville for college where he ran at Belmont. He decided to stay in the music city after college and this is now home for Kyle, his wife Alicia and their 3 kids. Kyle is owner / operator at Tin Roof 2 in south Nashville and running is still a big part of his life. I can't think of anyone that finds so much happiness in the journey and smiles as much as Kyle does. It was a blast to sit and talk to him and record this interview. You will certainly enjoy it too. 

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