Running the 615

22. Running the 615 (Bryan White)

December 29, 2020

Bryan White is a very successful country music singer / songwriter. Over the past 10 years he has also become a runner and in this episode we talk a lot about both. Bryan has been in the country music industry for almost 30 years and he had tons of success. He was won multiple awards and recorded several number 1 hits. Bryan has great stories in this episode about being a musician, living in Nashville and of course running. Bryan keeps things simple when it comes to running and he like many of us he feels that running has been a huge positive in his life. Stories about running races, performing on stage and what being a performing artist is 2020 has been like are all included in this episode. It was a joy to sit down an interview such a humble, nice and talented guy. Thanks to Bryan for allowing me to interview him for this podcast and thanks to all of you for listening. Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy.

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